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Cinemas in Vienna

For information (in German) about cinemas and movies in Vienna, go to www.film.at. This site contains links to all the cinemas, the movies programmes, the trailers...

There is a number of cinemas in Vienna showing films in English (or in their original language). To find the right version, you need to look for the following abbreviations in the cinema programme: OV (original version), OmU (original version with subtitles) and OmeU (original version with English subtitles). Two main cinemas showing English movies: www.burgkino.at and www.haydnkino.at.


  1. Hi,

    Your site is like a rescue remedy! This relocated kiwi is wondering if others also hail from New Zealand and if you organize catch-ups? All the best!

  2. Anonymous3:16 pm


    may I add that the Gartenbaukino (Parkring 12) very often screens films in English or in original language with English subtitles - and it's the biggest and most beautiful of the grand old cinemas...